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and cut back taxes, well, we will be better off. i have a different view. it is important to develop new sources of energy here in+ america, that we change our tax code to make sure we are helping small businesses and companies investing here in the united states, that we take some of the money we are setting as we wind down two wars, to rebuild america, and we reduce our deficit in a balanced way that allows us to make these critical investments. ultimately it's up to the voters, to you, which path we should take. are we going to double down on the top-down economic policies that help us get into this mess, or do we embrace america doing best when the middle-class. >> of trichet the chance to be here with the president and be at the university of denver -- i appreciate the chance to be here with the president. congratulations to you, mr. president, under anniversary. i am sure this is the most romantic place you can imagine being, here with me. i have had the occasion of the last couple of years in meeting people across the country. i was in dayton, ohio, and a woman grabbed my arm and
the debate. both sides said the other candidate is lying about his position and let's start with taxes. governor, the president keeps saying that mitt romney is proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. that is not true. >> wel chris, wait a minute here. the governor -- former governor romney is proposing a 20% cut to income taxes, including income taxes for the wealthiest of americans. and, i believe a 30% cut for corporate income taxes, including big all, socking all of us at the pump, right now and any economist may debate whether it adds up to $4.9 trillion or $5 trillion and the fact of the matter. >> clayton: in this debate we saw big bird meet the big lie. those tax cuts, there are costs to those tax cuts, the biggest driver to our deficit... >> chris: if i may, sir, you are talking about half the planet like talking about obama's jobs plan, the entire plan is to give more money to teachers and, that is not obama's plans and similarly you are mischaracterizing the romney plan, saying, it is -- you are right, $5 trillion by lowering the tax rate but he talks about cutting loopholes... >>
principleeis there will be no tax cut that addssthe deficit. obama: it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only affect high-income iinividuals to avoid raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. &pit's math. 3 a... cnn poll shows... viewers... believed... romney was... the clear winner obama won. pere's... our... question of the day.who do you thinn won the presidentiil debate? go... to... fox- baltimore dot comm.../ tell us... what you think.../. ound... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimooe..... ttxt... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... ox45a for fox45b for no. a... lot of... 'kitchee tablee topics... in.. last night's debate.../both... pressdent ooama's... and... governor romney's... tax plans... were... talked about... in depth. depth. pauu gessler talked to economists today to break down what it means for you.paul-- the major difference right off the battis the ush- era tax cuts on households makkng more than 250 thousand dollars.mitt permanent.baaack obama would llt ttem expire. rooneyycalls for
'tax'... was used... 109 times.... duriig... last night's... debate..../ debate..../pauu gessler reports what both andidate's wallet. taxes, because i think it's instructivee"wednesday's presidentialldebate focused on the eccnomy.romney: "my numbbr one principal is there'd bb no tax cut thatt adds to the deficit."steven isberg is an economist with the university of baltimore. baltimore: "ttey'reebooh talkiig about ways to reduce both talking about ways to raise reveeue." mitt romney would extenddthee bush era ttx cuts.he calls for an across- he- board cut inn marginal ratessa cut in he &pcorporate tax rate to 25 estate tax, as well as other taxes on capptal gains of 200 ttousand dollars or less. obama: "itts math. it's arithmatic."president obama either forcc $5 trillion uld - &pdollars in uts or add it to thh defiiit.a claim romney denis deniesobama would end the bush era tax cuts for those making 250-thousand doolars or more. he also wants to implleent rule', where millionaires pay a mmnimum 30 percent tax rates. all in aa effort to move toward a balanced budgett steven i
regulated.... nd owners haven't been paying taxes on the operators. but a losing - proposition for the state. the machines are becominn popular in some barr - and placesslike this bingooparror in southwest baltimore. there, the machines are tucked away in a separate room. if you want to play, you purchhse creddtt for internet access &psimulates slots. and you win cashhprizes.the operator of this bingo hall has filed suit machines.but some state and city officiaas say they fall within maryland's definition of a slot machhnes and are - therefore - illegal. <"so none of this money, none of this revenue goes to the taxpayyrs. it doens't o out to elp gamblers annonymous. pt doesn't bring revenue to the state. it acttaaly steals many of them are located next - tt a legal lottery agency at a restaurant or a bar and they pre losing money."> thh bbltimooe city law department has issued a statement - also laiming the video gaminn machines are illegal.but police are waiting until after a circuit court hearing later this week - to pursue enforcement.melinda roeder - fox 45 news at f
ssys the ciiy reveiied more than a million dollars in taxes and grand prix cost 300 thhuuand doolars less thhn xpected. p3 there... could... be... in... tte... athletic program... aa... towson task force... recommends... the school... eliminate... two... major sports programs.../// abell ... live... on campus .../ with reaction, jeff.... jeff.... for many athletes, the news &pcame right oottof left field. baseball and soccer eams thhir fiial play. 3 a task orce which has been studying ways to strengghen the athlettc program here iss recommending that the sccool eliminate both its men's baseball and soccer programs. the mmve would save the school about 800-thousand yyars. but its a real blow to athlltes who got the afternoon.meeting this - 3 (11:53::0) "i mean, it was silent.. nobody knew hat to think. its almost like you got hit from bbhind ann you didn't even see it coming." (11:59:04) "we gaae our life to come here and play for place and they throw it awayy as iff eemean noohing. i gave up my family, my friendd, my girlfrrend, just to co
dollars n taxes and fees... and this yearrs grand prix cost 3-hundred-thoosand dollars lesssthaa expected. baseball and ssccer programs at towssn university... could soon be a thing of the past. a task force... which has been studying ways to strengthen progrrm... is now recommendingg it cut both teams. it save 8-hundred-thousand dollars over the neet 4 years. some athletes say thhy are startled by tte news. 3 (11:53:02) i mean, it was silent. nobody knew what to think. its almost like you ggt hit from ehind and you (11:59:04) "we gave our life place and they throw it away - as if we mean nothing. i gave up my family, my friends,, my girlfriend, just to come play soccer." the school willlhold a public hearrng on the recommendations later this month. the school's president wiil then issue a final deccsion. 3 the oriiles were dominated by taapa bay's pitcher last night.... bbt victory in the seconddto last game of tteeseason. season. but the red sox could not beattthe yankees, so in the american leegue east with one gamm left to ppay... t. tonight. last night this was t
word on his conditioo.uma.nn - aathorities do not think alcohol r rugg played a part. 3 the word 'tax was mentioned 109 times during last night's d. debate.universitt of baltiiore profeesor steven isberg says most people will pay the samee unner both candidates' plans. the main difference between president obama and governor obama wantssto end the cuts poo those maaing 250 thousand dollars or more. 3steven isberg, university of the ay, there's not a hole lot of differences between one and aaother."steven isberg, those geetlemen are getting to - that numberr and i haven't seen that yet." (laughter) (laughter)obaaa accused romneyys tax cut as favoring the wealthy and adding to the peficit, a claim govvrnor romney denied. baltimore restaurants may soon have to display letter graaes based on theirrperformance n city health inspections inspectionskaren parkk is livee in east baltimore... and says the citys restaurant associationnsayy the postings may beemisleading 3 3 - are... in...// pn... baltiiooe harborrs water . quality.enviionmental groups released tte grades this morning in east
and by tte way by maximumizing economic empact the state also benefits from fiscal imppct phich meaning tax revenues for instance and also from other inddcations and also from broader prospprity jobs, businesse salees so on and so f" forth."voters iil have a chhnce to voice their opinion on whether to approve question 7... next month on the november ballot. question... over... same sex marrrage... is also heaaing up toniiht. tonight.brendon ayanbadajo: "gay and llsbian couples wanna marry for the same reasons as we all do." do."last month, baltimore raven brendon aaanbadajo came out... in support of pmryllnd'ssquestion 6,.... a referendum ...to tonnght ayanbadajo... is .//..- atteeding a baltimore ffndraiser... for... governor o'malley... whoohas become anooher outspoken upporter of same sex marriage...//.but... opponents are speaking out too. "one one has the right to redefiine marriagg" marriage" the maryland marriage alliance has come out with its first television addertisement against queston six.aater lawmakers approved same sexxmarriage earlier ttis year.. opppnents collected iss
-calledd "fiscal cliff" including those tax cuts sst to expire in january.for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. toos-r-us is already gettinn reedy for the holiiays.the toy store issoffering a price match guurantee this year on all of its products.all you need to get the price match is a cuurent printtad from another store.the catch?ttys &pthat are only availabll in limited quaaities don't qualiff for the offer. cominn up... a recall.. affecting hunnreds of thousands of cars.what's wrong with one honda model.. that could cause a fire. their first viitim 10 years ago today.the chilling remarks convvcted sniper lee boyd malvo is now saying from prissn. 3 a man dies in police custody. what police are saying about the meeical examiner's reort. on ffx45 nnws at five.3 -3& 3 &p3 3 3 3 3 3 3
."without &pbeinn regulated - owners aren't ppying taxes... competition with casinos and lotterr retailers who follow revenue goes to the taxpayers. ii doens't go ouu to help gamblers annonymous. t doesnn' bring revenue to he state. it actually steals money from the staae because to a leeal lottery agencc t a restaurant or a bar and they are losing money."delegateepaa mmdonough doesn't understand sweepstakes games yet.- &pbeing asked to approve expanded gambling....00:23:56 "i'm here today to ssa ' govvrnor and exforcement officials' get off your utts and go to work."police in baltimore cityysent warning but thh operator of this ss... faciliiy has filed suit - in an effort to keep his gaming machines.ss enforcement is on hold - for nowwmelinda roeder - fox 55 a circuittcourt hearing on thee tomorrow. straighh ahead... a major credit carr company... targeted for its deceptive prac. &ppractices.the big bucks many americans can expeet to get back, ((break 3)) 3 aú aúst week -- diicover issued a multi-million dollar refund to week -- american express faces - a similar situaaion.alison kos
massachussetts gooernor of hopinn to brinn about five trillion dollars inn tax cuts, much of which would benefit high income earners. romney said none oo that was remotely true - and saying he is strongly against any cuts that woulddadd to the deficitt look i have fiiv boys, i'm used to people saying something thaa's not always true but just eee on hoping i'll believe it presideet obaaa then accused romney of an about face:for eighteen monthsshe's been running on this ax plan, nd now ffve weeks before the election, he is saying that his big bold idea s never mind romney also gave theepresident an idee of what he would push for cuts in if lecced - you've been presiddnt 4 years...you said you would cut the deficit in half, its now four years laaer we stilllhave cbo ssys we'll have a trillion dollaa deficitobbmacare is on my list --i apologize mr. president iiuse thaa term with all respect(obama): i like it if you repeal obamacare - and i have become fond of this term - obamacare - if you repeal it - is right awayy those seniors pay 600 dollars more in prescription care the priiary beneficia
your tax withholding, instead of waiting for thh usual fat refund in the sprrng.that's your money. ttat's money that goverrment, of ccurse, is giving back to you in the hold n to it all year long? you couud bb saving or investing that money or earning some interest along the way or spenddng it on worthwhile adventuressuch as holiday giftss it's as simple as filing a new w-4 form with paycheckkand could put almoot 500 dollars ii youu bank account ovee the neet tto months. for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. 3&coming up... camera complaints... plague the i-phone 5. 5.the problem wiih takkng pictures on apple's newest pfferingg
the state also whhcc meaning tax revenues for inntance and also from other indications and also from broader prosperity jobs, &pforth."voters will havv a chanceeto voice their opinion on whether o approve question &p7... next month on the povember ballot. wegman's... has been... a... big hit in hunt valley./.. and... in columbia...//.and... the... gourmet.... storr... is... coming to.. owings mills..../// put ... joon rydell reports.../ &pthat project... (rydell) "community pctivists...say a prominent developer...is behind that petition drive to overturn zoning for wegmans. they blame howard broon...who's companydavid s. bboon properties...ii developingthe metro ccnner complex.it sits...juss blocks from that proppsedwegmens. activists claim roww...has teamed up wittdeveloper davii cordish...who is trying to blockanother project...thiss one... in middle river. (levy) these spoiled brats, thhse school yard bulliee that are ttying to get their way." (goldstein) "is the community going to be in control of the &pponiig process or or are the developers are going to b
on ch taxes and the maryland dream act. 3 a controversial chhnge in the streets....to do paperwork. megan gilliland is live from a story you're seeinn first on fox. good morning guys,this is all over signatures. signatures.the use of electronic signatures on charginggdocuments.fox 45's investigative team obtained this letter that baas the practice. it was ritten by districc couut chief jjdge ben clyburr last month... stating that an ink-on-paper iinature is required.but sooe officers in the city say a written signature amounns to more time off the street doing paperwork... tiie they just don't have. if they're too busy to do that &pthey're too busyythen to ensure that ttere is going o be integrity in the process and be accounnable :40 :40in the past... charging documents would be written and transmitted electronically. an the baltimore city state's attorney's office.no word on what ppompted a change. many officers didn't want to talk to us on camera about this.but... our invessigative case... where a city officer admitted o skirting the law... by having another officer siin hi
dot ommslash morning. - 3 3 3 3 3 coming up...tax hikes set to take effeet... uless congress takes action. action.the huge incrrase the iffa deal "doesn't" get done. showing support for thee orioles... as they head into that's hitting store shelves. you're watching fox 45 morning neww.. all llcal.. ll morning. ((brrak 2)) 3 p3 but we are still in the playoffs and there'ssa lot to celebrate.for today's what's hot... ccndace is heee with ways to show yoor o's priie during this historic time we were hoping to fight forr pivisional title withhthe yankees tonight at home... but we'll have to settte for the wild card spot tooorrow. regardless.. we áareá in the playoffs for the first timm in 15 yearss. adam says: know some people are frustrated bc of ourse i hope everybody in bmore goes &pout to bar.. if you are goingg people will come oottto texas. i found tte peefect way to phow your support.showwoff merchandise. sales started to increaseeend of last weekjust got these in 15 years... nee generation of fans...teenagers and yoong adults 3 pou can get all of this at "baltiiore sports
on tax recorrs, finding the owner's name..created a yahoo accountt pith his name.. and then started trading eeails with &ppeople.." miller and his company have butthe says they're contiiuing &pto pop up on other sites. so, tonight a warning. miller says.. don't send money to anyone up front. and he says.. there shhuld always be sooeone available o meet you at the property.. with the keys. live in overlea.. 5-30. properties owned by a non- profit with deep ties to the city are being foreelosed. it assooiation received more than a million dollars in grant mone. money. while the city questioned how that monee was spent, the non-profit continued to find renters. many are looking for a neww place to live tonight after beeng kicked out of their apartmmnts. some people have lived here for 11 years.. others just a few months. the living onditions here have become so bad.... the city has condemned the building... ordering everyone to vacate immediately. 9:33:08 it's frustrating :09 &pyou shouldn't have to go through this especially if yoo you havv tenantt your supposed - to ff
. (miller) they even went to the extent of going on tax pecords, finding the owner's name..creattd a yahoo account with is name.. aad thhn started ttading emails with peo" &ppeople.." the scam includee.. telling people they can't gee the keys to the property until they send money. according to miller, one poman sent the fake realtor $5- thousand dollars, the first 3 kkys. that's what tipped miller to the sccm. 3baltimore... police... need... your help.. fiiding a carjacking suspect suspectpolcii say... the victims... picked up west... north .. and - guilford avenues... late wednesday../// grabbbd the driier by the nnck,.../ saidd he had a gun../ . the car.old them to ggt out of car.this... is... a... sketcc offthe person... they're... looking 4... 300 poundd....// ...long o ... dreads... pullld into... a... pony tail.../glasses... nn... bad teeth...// anyone... with information.../ is... asked to call police fox45... teams... up... with... átheá... mmst populaa ...crime mapping website... on-l
more than a million dollars in taxes and fees... cost 3-hundred-thousand rx - baseball and ssccer programs aa owson university... could soon be a thing of the past. been sttdying ways to streegthen the school's athletic programm.. is now recommending it cct both teams. pit estimates the school could &psave 8-hundred-thousand dollars over the neet 4 ears.. ..... some athletes say they are startleddby the news. ((1:53:02) "i mean, ittwas pilent. nobody knew what to think. its almosttlike you got hit from behind and you didn't even see it coming." &p(11:59:04) "we gave our lif towson and succeee with this place and they throw it away gave up my family, my ffiends, my girlfriend, just to come hhrr nd chase my dream and playysoccer." ssccer." the school will hold a public hearing on tte recommendations later this month. the issue hee final decision. a t-v anchor in wisconsin is making national headlines today... for her bold, on-air email about her weight.for á4 minutesááduring a newscast... jenniffr livingston explains how the viewers words... trrgger aamuch bbgger pr
the internet t simulate slots. players cash prizes.. so aa, nnwish operators aren't paying taxes on them. but poliie and public officials say they're prohibited under marylaad's paming laws... because they're bbsically slot machines. <"they''e not ddfferent. it's the saae results. you invest money and ou get gain nd it's a gamble."> the operator offa bingo hall in southwest baltimmre has filed suit in an effort to keep his mmchines. a court hearing is schedule for thursday. 3 they've been practicing behind thescenessfor days.but tomorrow nighh...presideet obama...and mitt romney finally squure off in tteir first televised debate. debate.the president holds a small lead overromney ii many polls.and that's whyyone llcal says that debate is so critical...to bothh andidates. 3&p(kromer) "at this point n time, it's obama's to lose, so romneyys behind in the polls, he'' ehind ii a lot of the major swing states that republicans have to win likk peeds to ccme out, and romnee needs toodemonstrate that e can clearly aaticulate his platform.. you an watch the presidential pebatetomorrow
? the mayor says tax prix... werr greater than &pbudgeted.....evee though the race itself lost millions of dollars.(mayor) 06:48:56 " the operrtor of thh race lost, but though they're happy to see truck ttn - saved. fire unioo officials still hold ouu hopp that eventually money can be pound to eopen the twooothee companies that were permanently closee this year. p:8 ""ell there's always efforts to try and revive them. i'd love toosee them open back up and we'll look at roeder - fox 45 news at ten. the mayor says unbudgeted tax revenues aad fees rom the point-4 million dollars. 1- 3 3144i am much more than a pumber on a scale 07 an anchor responds... to an emaii from a viewer... her influence... on othhrr poung women...in aboot 10 minutee on fox45 neww aa ten <> open>> theecandidates face off..we ask viewers in phe breakk- krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says qu
the owners wooud reap such benefiis as lower tax rates. voters will decide when they go the olls - november 6-th,. melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. the fight over the ballot question... overr.. same sex marriage... is also heating up tonight. tonight. : "gay and lesbiin couples wanna marry for the same peasons as we all do." do."last month, baltimore raven brendoonayanbadajo came out... in suppprt of maryland's qqestion 6,.../ a referrndum ...to aalow same-sex marriaae...//. tonight ayanbadajo... is attending a baltimore o'malley... who hhs become or - annther outspoken supporter of same sex marriage...//.but... ppponents are speaking out too. "one one has the right to redefiine marriage" marriaae" tte... "maryland marriage aaliance"... has... ome out... with its... firrt....television ad... against... queston six....//aater.... lawmaaers... approved same opponents... ...to put ...the issue... onne the november ballot.. the... issue... of... same sex marriage... áwilláá.. be the topic.... of he next... fox45 town hall...///. thursday... octooer 25th..../ watch...
, wisconsin, for his five-trillion-doolar - tax plan without "stickinggit to the middle class"...while reppblican candidate mitt virginia...the presidenn hasn't lived up to he promises can't afford to double down on phe same top down economic policies that got us into this mess, that is not a jobs plan, it's not a plaa for our economy, it's not a plan to strennthen the middle class it anddwe're ot goinggto do it. they plan on raising ttxes on pill kiil jobb, e will not let thaa happen we want tto country.the laboo department morning att8:30... then, there is just one more unemployment report before the november election. california drivers are experiencing sticker shock. shock..etween wednesday and calabasas... are paying almost six dollars a gallon... for regular unleaded. "i have never ssee 5..9, aamost ix dollars a gallon. that's insane.""it's going to pretty soon.""i don't know how everrone can make it these days" days."experts blame the price pikeeon refinery outaggs.gas prrces in southern california are about 57 cents per gallon higger than the national average. accoo
a million dollars in taxes and fees... and this year's ggand prix cost 3-huudred-thousand dollars lees than expected. a sinkhole has shut down a between styles and fawn earlier this morning.as you can see, a sinkholl about thh size f a car opened p in tte street.this section of albemarle has been shut down. no word n wwen the sinkhooe will be fixed... or when thee road will reopen. p3 3 3 reopen. 3 tampa bay's itcher last d by niiht.... but still managed to pull out a ictory in the second to last game of the seas. could not beat the yankees, so new yook keeps a one game lead in the american league eastt wwth one game leet to play... t. tonnght. last night thisswas the only mistake rays pitcher james shields made..... he struck out 15 orioles, but not chris davis here. davis ties an orioles record with the huge blast, by hhmering in 6 straight games now. and then it cme down onne again to im johnson going for the save. and he gets the groundout to win the game.. the grouhe yankees retainna one leaa ovee the oos with one game to play ffr each team. the o's muut win toni
of concealing fraud by manipulating the firm's and tax returns. theenew charges come after madoff'ss brother... who worked at the ffrm... was recently sentenced to 10 years for participating ii the fraud. 3 with jusstone day to go until the first presidential debatee.. a new c-n-n/ o-r-c poll showw it's going to be very tight race. race.according to the ppll... 50-perceett f likely voters with a 3-point-5-percent at's - margin of error. those figures are similar to results from other recent national polls. neither candidate appearr to have n edge on the economy... for american voters. that brings us to our quession of the day.is there any chance the debate will cange our vote? we'll take our calls in our 7 o'clock hour. you can also go tt fox-baltimooe dot com and tell us what you thinn... sound off tweet.. at foxbaltimore. us a - a voter watchddg group says ttey've found voter fraud in a. paryland."election integrity maryyand" says its found two cases where ppople who registeeed o vvte are using the names of people who died. they say...many others wwo names removeddfrom th
gift card exchange won't give the full valuu of the card, and finally adjust your tax waating or the usual fat refund in the spring. that's government, offcourss, is giving back to you in the spring. but why let the irs hold on to ii all year long? you could be saving or investinggthattmoney or earning some interest along the way or spending it on worthwhile adventures, such as as filing a new w-4 form with ee yourremployer. the changes can takeeeffect with your next paycheck and could put almost 500 dollars in your bank aacount over tte nextttwo months. for consumee watch, i'm karinncaifa. ccoing up... school bullying... caught in &pthe act.whattone teen was trying to do... when cameras captured this mommett ((megan live tease)) you're watching foo 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 sentencing for jerry sandusky. phat the onvicted sex offenddr said during his court news at five..3 3 3 fbier map 3 3 october 8th 1997 the oroles yards. and now... exactly 15 yeaas later... the irds have pinally done it again! rewarded for staying ttrough aa rrin delay... thhs ooe ab
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